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I suppose this is my kneejerk reaction to the other social networking sites.  Not that anyone's paying attention.  But over the last month or two I have begun to feel like stretching again.  And this is where I am.  So there!
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What is one thing in life your friends said you could/would never do, but you did it anyway?

Nothing.  With the talents I've been given, I've done nothing.

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So, knowing me, and knowing that today's my last day with a job, I'm trying to figure out the other crappy things that are going to happen today. Car wreck? Sudden illness? Computer crash? Alien invasion? Ooh. Wallet stolen. That's a good one. Feel free to jump in with any cool additions.
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OK. So, apparently, I'm just so confused that I can't breathe. My kingdom for a fucking snorkel. Sooo confused.

And, I knew what I was getting into. Knew It! Knew. It. Sweet hairy salamanders, I'm a sucker.

And happy to be so, even though some small part of me is trying to kick the rest of me in the nads to try to get my attention.
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I've known for some time that anyone you let get close to you will inevitably hurt you. I don't believe that they do it maliciously, or even know they're doing it, but that doesn't make it not hurt. They're inside your defenses, and sometimes even the slightest action can have repercussions that are completely disproportionate.

I've known this, but I keep letting people in. I don't think I forget how much it hurts; I can barely breathe right now. I think I'm looking for a connection that, though close, never quite gets made. Something to tell me that I'm not some freakish outsider freak, that there is somebody out there who does think like I do. I mean, I've gotten pretty reconciled, I think, to the being alone part. That doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to. That elusive connection, though, even for a moment, would be nice.

I realize this is pretty discombobulated and fucked up, but so am I right now.

So, there.
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So, when Jerry wins the Nobel Prize for his Theory of Crapativity, I'll finally get to feel that, in some small way (due to my starting the thread), I've made the world a better place.
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And back again. I've had more drama in the past week than I've had in the past two years. It may be enough to get me to start writing again.
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It's amazing how fast things can go from good to crap. And that's pretty much all I have to say about that.
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My sister turns 21 today! Happy Birthday, Worth!
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Happy New Year, kids. With luck, we'll all have better years than the last, right?
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Something Jerry said has been bugging me all weekend, and I finally realized why. Tad Williams wrote a series called The Dragonbone Chair, or something like that. If you bought the hardbound version, it was a trilogy. However, if you went paperback, it was four books, because the last book was too long to bind as a paperback. That has always greatly amused me, because as far as I can tell, the only reason they didn't print the hardbound copy as two books and just make it a quadrilogy is because at the end of book two, he said that the next one was going to be the last book. I wonder how many times his editor called him and said, "Are you positive there's nothing you can trim? What about the ending? Everybody knows he's going to get the girl. You don't actually have to spell it out for them."

My point is, I can just see, ten years from now, going to Barnes & Noble and seeing The Wheel of Time: Book 12, volume 15 on the shelves.
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Just finished reading Knife of Dreams (book 11, if you're counting in order, and not counting the prequel book, which I haven't read anyway). I must, in all fairness admit that I was pleasantly surprised. The last couple of books seemed very repetitive and mind-crushingly, soul-numbingly full of nothing happening. Not so here! Ha ha! I'm not going to tell you what happened, because Jerry the only one I know that's read it, but I will tell you something encouraging. It was more than one thing! I'm beginning to think he might be able to wrap this up in fewer than fifteen books. Multiple things actually happened! It was a virtual tour de force of stuff! Happening! This may be the first book in the series in which there are fewer loose ends at the completion of the book than at the start.

Granted, some of the things we knew were going to happen. Some because they were prophesied seven thousand pages ago, and some because they were just obvious. But still. They had to happen so that we could move on.

I know I seem sarcastic, but this series has had so much potential, and done a pretty piss-poor job of living up to it until now, that I was just excessively impressed. Good stuff.
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Kim and I thought we'd help out Robert Jordan with his next book. We worked the chapter names out for him.

Casey: Chapter 1: Yes I'm Still Gaddamn Writing This, So There!
Casey: Chapter 2: In Which Things Get Even More Complicated.
Casey: Chapter 3: Nobody Ever Really Dies! No, Really!
Kim: Chapter 4: Even More Secret Godlike Powers.
Casey: Chapter 5: In Which Unrelated Things Happen, And You Wonder Whether This Has Anything To Do With Anything.
Casey: Chapter 6: Girls And Boys Are Different.
Kim: Chapter 7: ???? Is Evil. Again.
Casey: Chapter 8: Or Maybe He's Just Insane? Or Maybe Not?
Kim: Chapter 9: The World Is Going To End!
Kim: Chapter 10: Unless!
Casey: Chapter 11: In Which Someone Almost Trusts Another Person.
Kim: Chapter 12: In Which All The Characters Fall In Love. Seriously.
Casey: Chapter 13: With All New Characters!!!
Kim: Chapter 14: Who Are Very Serious, Important Characters Indeed.
Casey: Chapter 15: Or Not.
Casey: Chapter 16: Crap I've Never Even Hinted At, But Which Will Be Important. You Think.
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The strike team had kept a low profile. Fritz had no identikit profiles on any of them. He hoped that lack wouldn't cost him.

He was moving in now, to neutralize the situation and apprehend the suspects. They were, he thought, having their last meeting before planting the virus. The big parade and gathering was not for some time yet, and they would not have wanted to plant the virus too far ahead of time, for fear of incomplete results. Fritz came upon the strike team, to apprehend them; then he would radio other operatives to let them know the placement of the virus. Plans sure are swell, aren't they?


He had created a world in which any road she took led back to him. That world was not real, in the normal sense of real. In the "normal sense of real" real world, he came back to her. Fritz came upon the strike team, and he saw Jane Doe. And he hesitated.


The virus entered the water supply, dooming the human population of Earth. Fritz lay on the floor, his breathing shallow. He was still trying to assimilate what he had seen, to get past the shock of seeing her again, when he died.
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He had created a world in which any road she took led back to him. And, sure enough, she came back. She was properly contrite, and he was forgiving. They were happy to be back together. And, as always happened, he woke up.


Jane Doe, commander of Sheng Chi's team of operatives, gave him a status report. Everything was a go. Earth would soon be uninhabitable for humans.


Does everyone see what is coming? Does anyone?
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The strike team knew what they were doing. Their training had been extensive, and it had paid off. The explosives were all in place, ready to spread the virus to the hundreds of thousands of people gathered for the holiday celebration. The strike team had, of course, been inoculated, and they would be leaving this doomed planet as soon as their mission had been completed. They were the best that money could buy, and Sheng Chi had spared no expense for this job. They didn't know why he wanted human life on Earth eradicated, and they didn't care. Things like that had ceased to matter long ago.


Fritz knew that he would only get one chance. He knew that he would do everything that he possibly could, and that it might not be enough. The odds weren't good. But nobody had a better chance at pulling this off than he did.
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The clouds, heavy and low, reached down with thin droplet fingers to feel the earth; the earth sent its buildings of concrete and steel, grey grey grey, back as emissaries. Grey coming down, and grey rising to meet it. Like a pornographic movie shot before color film had become available, the sky and the earth caressed each other like familiar lovers who, for all the time they'd been together, still enjoyed the raw physical contact of touching, exploring each other.

Fritz stared out his window, absorbed in the rhythmic caresses. His forehead was pressed against his apartment window; his shoulder jammed into the wall in the window alcove. Both his forehead and shoulder seemed to be supporting a lot of weight, but his feet didn't buy that for a second. Emptiness, he surmised, might possibly be the heaviest substance known to man. Not that man knew all that much, obviously. For example, what attracted one person to someone else? Mere chemistry or coincidence? If mankind knew that, love might have been solved long ago. Were love that simple, Fritz might have been looking in, rather than out. His weight and the lifeless apartment behind Fritz showed that he, at least, had ceded to love its exalted enigmatic status. It was a battle he no longer cared to fight. He was so tired, and he needed his energy for other things. So Fritz's apartment stayed lifeless, almost unlived in; the one person who could have resuscitated it was gone.
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I have now finally seen the whole series. I've already seen the movie. I just feel like I need to say that I really liked it. It was very good. I'm going to start writing again now.
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What in the bloody hell has happened to the MFF? I am expecting, at the best, three (3) people to read this, and all of them should be more or less emotionally invested in this. I was just IM'ing Meg, and I figured I'd check in to see what was going on, and I was frankly embarrassed that it had come to this.

I am considering trying to start a story that we can work on in our spare time just to make sure there are some kind of standards. Please respond, Kim, Jacks, and Jerry (in no particular order) and let me know if we can play.
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Things sure got shitty in a hurry. The one good thing I thought would happen did, and everything else went to hell to make up for it. Something else good should happen soon, though. Then I may close this whole thing down.
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Ill Iteration

Iridescent icicles irking Ingrid.
I ignore irritation's insensitive intrusion.
Interstates inserted into islands' idyllic insides
Installing icons into IMacs; instructing Internet idiots involves impressively incorporating information

I, incorrect? Insult!

Ignoring iambs isn't ideal --
Idiosyncratic incompetents idolize it;
Immature impostors imitate it.

Illegal inhalation incurs imprisonment, incomparable inconvenience:
Impromptu impropriety is inadvisable - incorrigibility increases.

Indigo indelible ink indirectly implies indiscretion,
Indomitable individualism




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This is apparently a real movie, and it's available for purchase here in the States. Here's a review of it. Sure, Buffy could kill vampires, but could she walk on water? Don't think so.

I'm going to order it when I get back from my vacation. This is going to be the best movie ever!
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Good things might happen to me this week. But I'm not getting my hopes up. See how good I am?

On an unrelated note, I'm reading The Illuminatus! Trilogy, by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. It's a dangerous thing for me to read. Dangerous in the 'dropping a match into the gas tank to make sure it's empty' way.

I also read a good H. G. Wells story, The Door in the Wall, today, thanks to this entry by the Accordion Guy. Very poignant, I thought. It did, however, bring to mind one of my oldest dilemmas. Is it better to try to enjoy the things that you have or to try to chase something else? I know plenty of people who would have been very happy with the positions and life Wallace had. I also know plenty of people who would have gone through that door every chance they had gotten. I'd probably still be standing there looking at the door.

Nearly every paper that I wrote in college had the same theme: Ignorance is Bliss. The punchline is, of course, that nobody knows that until it's too late. My baseline, my normal state seems to be a tad too alert, too self-conscious to reach that state. Unless - and that's a big unless - there are extenuating circumstances. Chemically lowered inhibitions (alcohol), love (romantic, or friendshiply love), or escapism (reading, mostly) seem to do well for me, by themselves or in combinations. But all my legal matters will have been resolved soon, and I am aware of a rising crescendo that is driving me to.. something. I haven't been able to find a suitable outlet for it yet, but I have as of yet been constrained in my search. I am feeling well, physically and mentally, and I am aware that I am about to enter a new phase of my life. Things will be different.
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Apparently, Michael Moore knew a year ago that Disney wasn't going to let Miramax distribute his latest film. In fact, it doesn't sound like Miramax ever committed to do anything other than finance the film, which it did do. I'm sure the timing has nothing to do with the upcoming festival at Cannes.
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With the people I know who use that expression, this was particularly amusing.
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